You have a great ticketing system, why not have a great check-in solution too.

We make it easy to integrate our advanced API and tools to provide you with an industry leading white label check-in solution for a 360 brand matched experience.

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Simple pricing  £0.01 per check-in.
No setup costs.
No hidden extras.

Why use

Greater value proposition
Add check-in to your solution. Offer a truly 360 event platform!

Cost efficient
No additional infrastructure fees. Check-in runs on our enterprise cloud platform. No expensive spikes.

Maximise your client sales through automation
Never take an event off sale! Keep selling throughout the duration of an event with sales data pushed straight to the organisers app.

An optional branded dashboard.

Exceed your clients expectations 
Offer new exciting real time attendee insights. 

Reduce client fatigue 
Easily upload and check-in 3rd party seller lists and push your own ticket sales in real time ready for check-in. Handles all guest list and accreditation with ease! 

Bespoke laser scanners.

No event too large 
Bespoke laser scanner solution easily copes with even the largest events. Fully branded to you.

Safe and secure 
We are a Microsoft certified company and have adopted the highest levels of data security.

A check-in app branded to you.

A powerful REST API 
Full documentation and examples in multiple languages and a fully featured in-browser sandbox.

Real time in-depth attendee reporting
Post event queue flow analysis for surge periods and ticket tier attendance insights. 

Android / iOS brand matched check-in app
Our app framework can be branded to look just like you.

Keep up with current technology at no extra cost
Access to constant feature updates - reducing contract or in-house development fees and project risk.

A powerful API & sandbox.

Multi platform / multi device 
Check-in app runs on both iOS and Android devices, on smartphone and tablet. 

We have years of experience at our finger tips 
We can confidently say we know all there is to know about check-in and all the potential problems that come with it. Our mission is to keep listening to our customers and continue to enhance our system  while supporting you every step of the way.

Fantastic support
Access to all video tutorials and knowledge base articles. High and low level support available.

Simple pricing  £0.01 per check-in.
No setup costs.
No hidden extras.